Southern WildOrganic Tasmanian Cultured Foods

Grown and made in Tasmania. Sold direct and exclusive to the good people of our island home.

We are a small family-owned fermentary based in Southern Tasmania. We specialize in the creation of handcrafted small-batch ferments derived from organically grown Tasmanian ingredients.

We sell direct to Tasmanians through Australia’s first Ferment Box membership program and our Sunday stall at Farmgate Market.

Our products

Members and market patrons enjoy our:

  • Sauerkraut & Kimchi
  • Tasmania’s only fresh Tempeh
  • Pickles, Miso, Shio Koji, and more…

It’s all vegan, unpasteurised, and alive with probiotic cultures for optimal health and wellbeing. Our product range is seasonal. If you’d like to get a better sense of what we offer follow us on instagram.

We’re small by design

Tassie has some of the best growing and fermenting conditions on the planet. Staying small means we can do right by a select group of local, ethical growers and reduce our environmental footprint.

One of our courageous local growers Cara from Cygnet

Support locals, become a member

If authentic local sourcing means something to you, why don’t you join our subscription scheme?

You’ll receive a box of fermented seasonal goodness once a month and get to choose:

  • How much pickled product you’ll receive
  • A spice level that works for you
  • And how much fresh Tempeh is included (optional)

It’s a wonderfully enriching way to get your regular ferment fix and stay connected to what’s seasonally available.

Join our membership now

If you’re on the fence about joining up and want to get a sense of what it’s like to become a member why don’t you sign up to the newsletter – it’s full of tasty reading morsels!

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Variations on a theme 🎶. Here’s all the seasonal varieties that formed our mild, medium, and spicy member boxes today. Feeling lots of positive energy for our little membership. Thanks to all of you who support this organically focused hyper local micro biz! ♥️🌻🌱🌞

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