An update on where to buy Southern Wild products in Tasmania

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An update on where to buy Southern Wild products in Tasmania

EDITOR’S NOTE – We’ve stopped selling our products at a wholesale price in an effort to be more local and sustainable. So the information in the article below is a little outdated, but we’ve kept it here for prosperity’s sake

Have no fear dear reader – you can still buy our delicious products at our Farmgate Market Stall, and through Australia’s first ferment box membership program.

Life has been a whirlwind of late, but in so many good ways. One major preoccupation has been the birth of our first child (Oliver) who arrived on spaceship earth in the middle of March. Suffice to say everything is different now!

Aside from our miraculous 9 month non-edible human ferment - the food business has been very busy with the following undertakings:

  • Working on some new veggie ferment recipes (coming soon).
  • Designing labels for smaller jar sizes.
  • Dealing with a nationwide shortage of Bush Tomato (we will write some more detailed information on the shortage next).
  • Fermenting through the cold months (a time when everything takes a little longer, but seems to taste a little nicer).
  • Scouring the island for Organic Cabbage growers and enlisting them to our fermentation crusade.
  • Cultivating and growing Water Kefir (Tibicos) grains.
  • Developing a new range of tasty and probiotic rich Water Kefir products to sell in right here in good old Southern Tasmania.
  • Last (but not least) - keeping up with the demand for our products which seem to be quite popular!!

We are very grateful for all the support our local Tasmanian retailers have provided. The learning curve has been a steep one for us and their counsel has been invaluable.

In case you’ve missed our updates on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - here is an updated list of our friends in the retail world:


Be sure to support your local retail outlet. They are a vital part of the local economy down here in Tasmania.