Our crusade for Gluten Free Injera in Tasmania

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Our crusade for Gluten Free Injera in Tasmania

Back in the summer of 2014 - we realllllly got into making our own Injera.

We were inspired by several return visits to the most excellent Rahel’s Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles.

Injera is a truly delicious sourdough crepe-like-thing that is traditionally made from the teff grain which is indigenous to Africa. It can be wild fermented from yeasts found in the air and when done right has an incredible flavour that is somehow both sour and nutty.

One of it’s most endearing qualities is the texture. When made fresh it’s oh so soft, spongy and delicate to eat. It makes for a great vehicle in which to eat just about anything.

We fell into a deep injera swoon and after several months of wild experimentation we reached the peak of our sourdough summer.

Our ultimate recipe for that year ended up being a kind of fusion injera-taco that combined:

  • Gluten-free injera (from teff)
  • Char-roasted garnet yams
  • Frisée
  • A squeeze of lemon
  • A delicious fermented cashew creme topping (infused with nutritional yeast and a dash of turmeric powder)

Our deepest regret is not photographing the moment, but the presence of pixels on this screen would still pale in comparison to the real-world experience of noshing on those fusion tacos.

Since we arrived in Tasmania we’ve scoured the landscape for a source of Teff but it’s hard to come by. We spoke to the African & Middle Eastern Variety Shop in Moonah but they said it’s just too expensive to get in and the demand is near insignificant.

We’re optimistic to find a gluten free alternative to Teff and begin experimentation with the substtute grain sometime soon. We have admittedly tried buckwheat flour but it is too gelatinous and while it did ferment, the texture from teff based injera was not replicated. Our next exploration will likely be a gram floud based sourdough.

If you’re interested in making injera yourself - here’s a great video of how to make it old skool style.