Logo Motion

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Logo Motion

In the build up to the launch of this little bizyness, we embarked upon an all consuming creative rite of passage. Our goal was to retreive a logo and identity from the ether that felt salty and wild, yet somehow also approachable, simple, but most of all human. We thought we’d share a few items from that rather serpentine process.

Having settled on the name Southern Wild. It was a no-brainer that our greatest inspiration should lie in the rugged and wild landscapes that Tasmania has in seemingly endless abundance. The one thing we really wanted to capture was a sense of place.

A distant vista from a wild imagining; a dreaming land where man and nature are not seperate, but united.

Prion Bay Paradise

We thought about deriving the logo from our trips into the interior; the alpine climes like Walls of Jerusalem, or perhaps the quiet lakes around Mount Hugel, but in the end we found ourselves inexorably drawn towards the maritime sublime that encapsulates our Apple Isle.

Landscapes that are etched by salt and wind, where mighty dolorite incursions surrender their will into the aqueous embrace of the southern oceans.

Surprise Bay - Southern Tasmania

We initially considered a graphic that was sketched directly from a place like Fortescue Bay, the Maatsuyker Islands or one of the many solitary coves of that are found on the South Coast Track.

Deadmans Bay - gnarly in it's nomenclature, but we survived!

Lion Rock on the South Coast Track

But in the end we decided to derive the graphic from our own internal imaginings. Our experiments spiraled outwards towards panoply of forms and variations, but in the end we finally settled on this:

The final graphic sketch for our logo - Huzzah!

We felt that it captured all the qualities our hearts desired.

While in many respects our logo and label design was a home baked project, we would not have been able to come so far, nor achieve this most satisfying manifestation without the incredible assistance of a certain Ms. Erin Ellis. We were fortunate to consult with her throughout the process, and her sagely creative counsel and technical expertise was essential in getting things just-right.

Merging the logo with the label proved to be an all consuming affair and our final manifestation looks most like the label in the top right corner of the image below:

Prototyping the labels from home

In the end we found a solution that ticked all the boxes we desired. At the time of writing this post the labels are being proofed by the good folk at Abel Labels. When they are all done and dusted we’ll make a new post!