Southern Wild Recipes A free recipe resource of vegan fermented foods

In the spirit of health and happiness for all beings we’re sharing all of our fermented food recipes with the world for free.

In this section you’ll find recipes for sauerkraut, kimchi, shio koji, miso, salsa, hot sauce and more.

All recipes are 100% vegan, unpasteurized, and living food. The majority of recipes are 100% raw, but some (like miso and shio koji) do involve some cooking prior to fermentation.

In order to maximise transparency for our members and market customers we’ve included as much sourcing information as possible for all ingredients. This includes information about the organic status (or lack thereof) for every ingredient in our fermented products.

These resource pages are currently lacking instructions on how to make them. We will endeavour to add them at a later time. In the meantime we suggest you follow the best practices outlines in Sandor Katz’s book: The Art of Fermentation.

We hope you enjoy the recipes on offer and feel inspired to make and share your own. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!


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